own your evil, bitches (not sorry, never sorry)

- christel escosa -


Lol for the long intro rap video. But seriously

this is so good. I haven’t seen a girl rapper do strength and sexy like this before. Aaliyah had it and Ciara had it but they both have these soft touch vox, whilst Sharaya got dat Missy ‘tude (who, obviously was involved and directed this vid). Sharaya wielding her genuine power so effortlessly and naturally; nothing forced, just casually laid out. Now THAT is rare.

Everything in this is so on point. HAND CLAP EMOJI X 3 ALL ROUND.


Left: Reliquary arm of St. Valentine 14th century Swiss Right: 2 Chainz


Left: Reliquary arm of St. Valentine 14th century Swiss Right: 2 Chainz

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1 week ago

'That's Desire' by Client Liaison

Omg that IS desire. I haven’t seen anything this genuinely revivalist in a while. Revivalist? It’s like the era never ended. And I don’t mean like, a continuation 20-30 years on, but like, this track feels so literally in the late 80s that it’s mindblowing. The commitment!

Long live Dat Turtleneck.


I promise I will never stop stanning for jennifer lopez


1 month ago

'I Luh Ya Papi' by JLO

Not gonna lie - I Luh Jlo giving looks. This is by no means her best work, but I’m glad she’s going back into this direction of more classic, golden era pop; rather than the shit she’s been churning out on the last few in keeping up with mainstream music trends. That said, I think she does a fine job of walking a line between parody, tack and self awareness, and all the while looking FLY in this video (even in that scene with the lame slogan tees and tracksuit pants). 

C’mon boricua, give true revival to that I’m Real, Feelin So Good, If You Had My Love etcetera steez I (still) live for - though I definitely ain’t mad at ya for this one.